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The game helps you out by telling you if any of the letters you've guessed appear in the word and even will tell you if you've gotten each letter in the correct location.
Another feature of Wordle helps with its shareability, too. The game includes a button that allows players to share their grids online, without spoiling the day’s answer. On some days, these green, yellow, and gray squares seem nearly ubiquitous on
I didn't get it and didn't really have much of an idea, continent aside. I don't understand what the tiles represent in this. #Worldle #23 X/6. Worldle Wordle game in the World. worldle.teuteuf.fr Like. ... Wordle game in the World. worldle.teuteuf.fr Totally miscalculated distances in my head - started only 2639km away, ...
1 At the beginning, you will see a grid with one word in the last row. This word is correct because all the letters are green. The rest of the tiles are empty, some of them are green and yellow, while others are gray. 2 Touch the previous line to start guessing words.
This is a daily city-guessing game similar to Wordle. You can guess most cities. The answers tend to be larger cities and world capitals. A. N. K. A. R. A. 6196mi ⬅. In this example, Ankara is wrong and the guess is not in the correct country nor continent (meaning the right city isn't in