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Doing so is an important step in shedding the insecurity and doubt that have plagued. Answer (1 of 6): Starving people are selfish. So your first question should be, why am I starving? Desperate for what? should be the second. I think you'll find it is
“Desperate for more – of what?” Let this be our response. Lord Jesus, make me desperate only for more of you, more of your truth, more of your spirit, more of your love. Make me desperate to pour into people from the abundance you have given me. Thank you, Lord for your grace and being my more through this journey.
Today i had a dream where i had a girlfriend and we loved each other so much but i was overprotective about our relationship so she broke up with me and i fell into depression and
We are born desperate for love, did you know? This is why babies are so cute: nature wants them loved. And we don’t grow out of it, wanting to be liked, to be accepted and then to be loved by that special someone. So dare to be desperate that way- go and search for the woman compatible for you. She is out there desperate for you.
There are many people who would admit to being “desperate” for love at some time in their lives, because loneliness is everything it’s cracked up to be. These feelings are what lead us into bad relationships because we are so alone. Unfortunately, emotional predators can sense vulnerability in the air and move in to make their strike!