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The mc license command registers clusters with MinIO SUBNET, displays information about the cluster’s current license, or updates the license key for a cluster. mc ls. The mc ls command lists buckets and objects on MinIO or another S3-compatible service. mc mb. The mc mb command creates a new bucket or directory at the specified path. mc mirror
The Hoop stress formula is defined as the stress around the circumference of the pipe due to a pressure gradient is calculated using Hoop Stress = (Internal Pressure * Inner Diameter of Cylinder)/(2* Thickness).To calculate Hoop stress, you need Internal Pressure (P i), Inner Diameter of Cylinder (D i) & Thickness (t).With our tool, you need to enter the respective value for Internal Pressure.
Veeam Pricing and License Question. we are a company of 80 employees and we have 4 Hosts with 2 sockets each in our Vcenter. So the Backup essentials enterprise sounds suitable for us. The pricing is a bit confusing. Most licenses are a 2 socket bundle with a max. number of 6 sockets. Sounds it wouldn't fit, because we have 8 sockets in total.
Choose Veeam Backup Calculator Veeam Backup Capacity Calculator Sizing, component, architecture and costing recommendations for an end users on-prem, hybrid and/or multi cloud set of VBR solution requirements. Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 Capacity Calculator
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