I try keep my file server running through a VPN at all times but sometimes the connection just drops and I'm open to the prying eyes of Comcast until I notice and turn it back on. I am just using the VPN management built into ubuntu 11.04 but pretty much all info I am finding about auto reconnects are all coming from like 3+ years ago and many .... "/>
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To connect to the remote PPTP VPN server, issue the following command: $ sudo pon workvpn. or. $ sudo pppd call workvpn. Where “workvpn” is the name used previously to identify the VPN connection. To confirm that the connection is up, run ‘ifconfig’ to ensure a ppp interface gets created, and assigned an IP address.
When I wake up my computer, the internet automatically reconnects, however the VPN does not. Is it possible to make it automatically reconnect (using the network manager on KDE, or at