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Creating an illusion of ripped off hand can be scary for many people. The tattoo has been done with a lot of expertise and be quite mind-blowing to those who see it. Bring some life and elegance to a 3d tattoo design by adding a beautiful blend of colours. The design below is a beautiful piece of artwork.
Sacred Geometry is the basic fundamental building blocks of our Universe are based on mathematics and form.Sacred Geometry can be found in all of nature in golden mean proportions, Fibonacci spirals, hexagonal structures, pentagonal structures, platonic solid structures, crystal structures, tube torus, etc.. Healing can be facilitated and meditation
The sacred geometry tattoos are meant to reach the pure perfection in shapes and symmetry; ... No wonder, Vesica Piscis is also the basic shape for the Flower of Life and the Tree of Life; in
You can choose a large, intricate elephant tattoo design, or something small and simple, the great thing about this ink is it works in a variety of sizes. 7. Scorpion Tattoos If you want a more edgy tattoo, the scorpion is an excellent choice.
Aug 29, 2017 - Explore Tattoomaze's board "Geometric Tree Tattoo", followed by 9,946 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about tree tattoo, geometric trees, tattoos. ... 100 Tree Of Life