new capenna commander decks review
The noise is still there after they replaced the bearing. I think after reading this thread it is the differential. It is not brake noise. I have a standard transmission. The tires are properly inflated and rotated regularly. I hear the noise mostly around 40mph when decelerating. Turning makes no noise and there is no wobble that I am aware of.
This may be related to a variety of things that are driven by the serpentine belt that may correlate to the acceleration, however the most common noises resembling a whining sound are a failing alternator or a power steering pump that is failing or low on fluid.
First check the fluid to the transmission and make sure that its full and red in color. Then, check to see if the noise is happening in D, 3, 2, L and R. If the transmission does it in all of the gears, then its a thrust bearing issue. If the transmission only makes the sound in a certain gear, then its a clutch pack slipping.
Road trip in our new 2014 Outback Limited wonderful, excepting for high general road noise. Suspect near totally lack of body insulation, as temperature levels at floor boards
Tire rumble, engine noise, wind noise through the air vents and around the quarter windows - all make it loud enough that the radio would need to be up pretty high to come through properly. Just got my 2021 Model Y AWD LR with the stock 19" wheels & continental tires, and I really like everything about the car except the road noise rumble.