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Sometimes, it was a means to an end. One line, and every insecurity, every bruise, faded to memory. One line, and I’d be free. Other times, it was a cold draft of air and the squeak of a steel door as it slammed shut before me. The echo
The novel Forbidden Fruit Taste So Sweet is a Billionaire, telling a story of Daria is a nun who has never followed her heart or stepped out of the lines. Bedtime is strict, alcohol is forbidden, relationships are out of the question, and Daria has devoted herself entirely to her faith and the church—until she is diagnosed with cancer.
Todoroki knew he should do something, push you away, threaten you – any reaction was better than none at all. So why couldn’t he suddenly move an inch when he felt your fingers
By Donna When I first heard about the pending release of six perfumes at once from the prestigious jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels I thought oh boy, another bunch of half-hearted and badly done fragrances rushed to market for the holiday season. Then I thought more about it, and they did do a great job with First and Murmure, but it’s been awhile since they did anything splashy
If you have time, take an extra-long shower, use a favorite lotion, cut your nails, or put on a fancy perfume or cologne. This way, you enter Shabbat feeling clean and renewed. On Shabbat. The traditional practice is to eat three meals on Shabbat: Friday night dinner, Saturday lunch, and a third meal that is typically an early dinner on Saturday.