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The term kohai (後輩, こうはい) is used in Japanese when you refer to someone who is younger than you or who has started working at the same company or going to the same school later than you. It means “junior” or “underclassman” and is the opposite of senpai (先輩, せんぱい), the Japanese word for “senior”. The Meaning ...
Peter Lewis-Wattssays: March 22, 2015 at 4:35 am. There are several reasons for the difficulties experienced by Japanese students in using English fluently: 1. rather than immersion, many English classes are taught using translation (often, there is more Japanese on the board than English!);2. Giltine Kohai / Platinum 4 20LP / 169Win 168Lose Win Rate 50% / Zac - 48Win
A Japanese honorific used when someone is older than you in age or they have more experience in a field than you. The opposite being Kouhai It is usually a troup in anime or manga for a Kouhai to desperately seek their Senpai's attention but fails as because their senpai ignores them continuously.
The main difference is that Japanese people often use Senpai and Kouhai as a nickname, without the need to mention the name first. Generally a senpai addresses a kōhai with his first or last name followed by the suffix - kun regardless of gender. Similarly, a kōhai addresses a senpai by name with the suffix -senpai or -san.