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of a plant from a source that is often referred to as a mother plant. In general, two methods are employed: (1) sexual, and (2) asexual. Sexual propagation is multiplication of plants from seed,
The Master of Science in Molecular Plant Science is a consecutive and research-oriented degree program. Graduates will have learned molecular biological, physiological, and histological methods and techniques and will be able to apply them in experiments. They will possess the ability to develop hypotheses through problem analysis and will be.
Asexual propagation, sometimes referred to as vegetative propagation, involves taking vegetative parts of a plant (stems, roots, and/or leaves) and causing them to regenerate into a new plant or, in some cases, several plants. With few exceptions, the resulting plant is genetically identical to the parent plant.
Introduction to plant tissue culture • In vitro propagation of plant parts, such as single cells, tissues and organs under sterile conditions. • Used routinely in ornamental and horticultural crop nurseries: • Industry-wide application of tissue culture: potato seed certification schemes mandate the use of tissue
If two dipole antennas are connected in parallel to form a thin wire loop, then it is known as a two- wire folded dipole antenna . If the radius of both the conductors is equal, then equal If the radius of both the conductors is equal, then equal currents flow in both the conductors in the same direction i.e., currents are equal in magnitude and phase.