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He identified four essential psychological functions: thinking, feeling, sensation, and intuition. Each function may be experienced in an introverted or an extraverted fashion, and one of the functions is more dominant in each one of us. Some of us depend on thinking and feeling rather than sensing and intuiting.
The distribution of introverts and extroverts is not bimodal. But rather very closely follows the normal distribution. This means that the introverted-extroverted trait is a spectrum rather than a polarity. It also means
Becoming an actuary can be a great introverted job option. Actuaries determine the financial risks for certain outcomes and help businesses develop policies to minimize those risks. Since most of the work is done from a computer, this is a good career for introverts who like to spend time working on their own. Average Salary: $113,000 ...
Studies have found that introverts are more humble than extroverts. Humility is an incredibly important — and hard to learn trait. It makes introverts more perceptive, more open and less bogged down by ego. Humility is also associated with the desire to be of service to others. This makes introverts wonderful leaders, managers and friends.
These 10 best colleges for introverts persuade them to get out of their own heads (and sweatpants) and onto campus. Keep reading to find out where to find the 10 best colleges for introverts. 1. University of Chicago One HUGE source of fun– apart from the 53 sports offered, including Quidditch and paintball, is the housing system.