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2022. 5. 25. · Yes, it's made of wood and looks like an M26 grenade . Painted in olive and silver with a metal ringpull, it'll look the part hanging from your kit. 0333 344 9555 [email protected] Currency £ GBP € EUR $ USD. hidden. Sign ... If you are ordering a Replica Imitation Firearm (Any gun that is not a two-tone).
The Grenade was renamed to Fragmentation Grenade. The Grenade can no longer be crafted. Damage against barricades reduced from 650 to 50. ... to 1000. Trivia: It is based on its real life counterpart, the American M26 grenade, while its icon looks more like the MK2 grenade. Gear (Unturned 3) Gear • ID List. Equipment. Crafting Supply. Catcher.
The MK2 is a fragmentation grenade featured in Hell Let Loose . Contents 1 Who Gets Them? 2 What Can This Destroy? 3 Gallery 4 References Who Gets Them? Command Commander - No