Solar Return Jupiter is conjunct the Ascendant (rising) in the Solar Return chart, and it opposes a conjunction of Mars and Neptune on the Descendant. Mercury squares this opposition, forming a T-square. All planets involved are in the foreground (angular), in prominent positions in the Return chart.. "/>
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Saturn Conjunct Mars Natal. You set out to make things last, including your body. Perhaps that's largely because you've faced many obstacles, especially early in life. Yet, life has taught you how to pace yourself and persevere. But sometimes it's hard to figure out whether the source of your slow-yet-steady advances is due to your ...
Her Pluto in Leo conjunct MC is conjunct my IC, and my Pluto is conjunct her Scorpio AC (she also has Scorpio Chiron and Mercury in the 1st). Her Sun and Jupiter are conjunct my Saturn (moon ruler) in Sagittarius, also conjunct my DC. When Pluto transited Sagittarius, it was a horrendous but deeply transformative time for both of us.Saturn Conjunct Midheaven - Synastry, Transit, Composite.
In 1952, Saturn and Neptune joined forces to unleash the darkest dark spawn of Abaddon, genetically incapable of evolution. I give everyone a chance, but we must also be realistic. I hope he sees reason, but more than likely he'll keep on being stupid because character is destiny.
Yes, it’s finally happening. Mars, North Node and Uranus are unpredictable, volatile, and change-oriented. Breakthroughs and paradigm shifts are likely. There’s a sense of urgency in the air. Something is about to happen. Follow your intuition. Mars Continue reading Astrology of August 2022 – Mars, North Node, Uranus In Taurus →
The conjunction of Mars and Saturn is probably the easiest to work with. This is because it marries the energies together. Together, they mimic Mars in Saturn-ruled Capricorn. ... I have a Mars/Saturn first house conjunction in Libra. I believe strongly in taking responsibility for my actions and how they effect other people. I do tend to let ...