how powerful is brother voodoo
Test for battery voltage on the middle pin (it is pin number 2 GREEN wire if you slide the rubber off), you should detect 12V or so (with engine running). Turn off the engine. Test for ohms on IAC between middle pin and any side ones, you should have between 6 and 20 ohms in each case depending on the model.
The most common symptoms indicating bad battery terminals include starting issues, battery drain, a hot negative battery cable, corrosion on the terminal ends, low voltage reading, dim headlights, and complete electrical system failure. ... Loose connections can cause the electrical current to be interrupted, which will lead to a lower voltage ...
Loose battery connections can also cause problems. Other parasitic drains in the electrical system. Parasitic drains can be difficult to find, but they are fully capable of killing batteries dead. Common drains include glove box and trunk lights that come on, or remain on, when they shouldn't. Extremely hot or cold temperatures.
The vehicle was then recovered to the local dealer (same chain as bodyshop that didn't reconnect the battery properly). Diagnosis from BMW - the alternator has failed and it needs a new one (£600) and there's now way that could've been caused by a loose battery terminal according to them.
When too much sulfation occurs, it can impede the chemical to electrical conversion and greatly impact battery performance. When your battery has a buildup of sulfates, the following can happen: longer charging times excessive heat build-up shorter running times between charges dramatically shorter battery life complete battery failure