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To turn the ringer ON, follow the steps given under: On your device, open the Instagram program and find if no sound issue arises. Go to settings, scroll the menu for ‘ sound
If it is disabled, videos will be prevented from playing/working on Instagram. Step 2 Check your router You can restart the router and check the cables. Or restore the router to factory settings. Step 3 Reset network You can reset the network settings of Android or iPhone and then restart your device.
Now open your messenger apps and try to click on the search field and you will not get any friends in the suggested list. Here's how to clear your Instagram search history and search suggestions: Clear Instagram Search History On Your Phone. If you want to clear your Instagram search history, or even just to see. Jul 10, 2019 · 1.
If you have an android device, you can follow the instructions below. Step 1 - Go to the settings and open "Apps". Step 2 - Choose Instagram and tap "Storage". Step 3 - Finally, select "clear cache". If you have Instagram on an iPhone, you need to delete and reinstall the program to clear the cache.
Jun 29, 2022 · Or if you have an Android you can do this from Google play. So first go there and check if your Instagram is updated, if not then simply get the latest version of it on your device. So one reason that you may not be able to play a video on Instagram is that you are using an outdated version. In many cases, updating the app will fix the problem.