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Multi-factor authentication (or MFA) adds an extra layer of protection against threats like phishing attacks, increasing security for your business and your customers. That’s why, effective February 1, 2022, Salesforce requires customers to use MFA when accessing Salesforce products. Use the MFA Requirement Checker to see if your ...
2022. 8. 9. · Webex Contact Center for Salesforce is available in App Launcher . 1. Log in to Salesforce. 2. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner and select Setup. 3. Enter Call Center in the Quick Find box and click Call Centers . 4. Click the Edit link that corresponds to the Webex Contact Center.
At the "page layout level", by setting it as required by using the "spanner" in the layout editor next to the field. Using a validation rule. In Dynamic Forms, by setting it as required using the lightning app builder. Use a Salesforce Formula Field.
With Salesforce Platform App Builder, you can design, build, and deploy custom apps using the declarative customization capabilities of the Lightning Platform. You can add Einstein AI to each application and create them in any language your developers
Be sure the orgs are connected by a deployment arrow on the Snapshot desktop. Right-click the arrow and select the Deploy Metadata option. You can either move the entire Profile or some of the individual permissions in the Profile. This is super