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Keep the stems as loose and airy as you can. Here’s a video that shows how to create a inexpensive peripheral staking system for perennials. 3. Hard Pruning. For perennials that
3. Rake your mulch bed. To prepare the soil of your mulch bed, use a rake to remove any organic material like leaves, seeds or sticks. This will also help get rid of any debris that was created when you trimmed your trees and bushes. 4. Cultivate the soil. Once the mulch beds are clean and tidy, it’s time to cultivate the soil.
1. Get your tools ready for spring. Clean out the garden shed. Get rid of broken rakes and old plastic garbage bags and assorted nonsense that’s collected over winter. Start your
Once cool weather becomes the norm and frost kills off your plants, remove them from their pots and clean the containers with soap and water or a dilute bleach solution, to get them ready for next year. The end of the growing season doesn't necessarily mean the end of your annuals.
Nov 06, 2009 · The best time to clean your flower bed is in the early spring, before flowers are planted and begin growing. Here are six steps you can use to clean and prepare your flower bed. Step 1 - Plan Your Flower Bed and Its Landscaping. Before you start your cleaning, take time to view your flower bed from a landscaping perspective, before it becomes ...