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2021. 3. 17. · This randomized clinical trial of overminus lens therapy for children with intermittent exotropia (IXT), conducted by the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group, shows
Ophthalmologist - Specializes in Treatment of Exotropia. Nishtha Retina Centre. Rajnagar Society, B/H White Potato Kalash Circle, Akota Akota, Vadodara. 31 ... We are very happy with the treatment given by the doctor, by the grace of god and doctor my child is
pediatric eye disease investigator group observational study showed that in children 3 to 10 years of age with intermittent exotropia and for whom surgery was not considered as the immediately needed treatment, stereoacuity deterioration or progression to constant exotropia over 3 years without any treatment was uncommon, and exotropia control,
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2019. 1. 16. · Abstract We evaluated the effect of dichoptic visual training based on a unique virtual reality (VR) platform mounted display in patients with intermittent exotropia (IXT). A total of 25 IXT patients (8 men, 17 women) with a mean age of 12.3 years (range, 5–39 year) were recruited. The Hirschberg test, prism and alternate cover testing (with accommodative targets