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This third book in the authoritative BACP Legal Resources for Counsellors and Psychotherapists series provides a user-friendly guide to the law for all those practising and training in the...
Topic 3 Monitor the counselling process . 57 3A Monitor and review the counselling process with clients to ensure it remains of value and work on threats and disruptions 58. 3B Review and compare your own and the client’s perceptions of the process . and address tension between the client’s hopes, expectations and reality 61
involved in becoming an effective counsellor (i.e., history; personal characteristics; cognitive ability; rigorous, quality academic program; and major field exposure). Each of these five components will now be discussed. History Having interviewed and spoken in-depth with many counselling graduate students and counselling
Counselling and psychotherapy operate within a legal framework and are informed by policy, yet are fundamentally rooted in strong values and ethics. This chapter looks at how law and policy
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