Jun 08, 2021 · In the last few days, the ATF has delivered on EO Joe ‘s Executive Order from April to attempt to ban pistol braces. Not all pistol braces; just the ones that the ATF have determined make a pistol into a short barreled rifle (SBR). An SBR is illegal under the National Firearms Act (NFA), unless you pay the $200 tax and “get your stamp.”.. "/>
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The SBA4 Brace. The SBA4 brace is the newest variation of braces for the AR-15 that SB Tactical makes currently. This brace has five positions of adjustment like the SBA3 but
The target was then moved to five-yards for a three-round group, and back to 25 yards for three rounds. With the sight axis dipped more downward the vertical dispersion among the groups increased....
SB TACTICAL ® Products Catalog. SB Tactical redefined the pistol market and ignited an uprising as the inventors of the Pistol Stabilizing Brace. Our catalog features detailed information about
The SBM4 Pistol Stabilizing Brace was designed to provide increased stability and improved accuracy while firing with one hand. The polymer construction firmly contours to your forearm and while the adjustable nylon stabilizing strap wraps around your arm reducing fatigue while firing one handed. Features Designed for firing one handed