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By comparison, apartment complexes sometimes don't even offer a parking space, much less front-door parking. 5. Privacy One factor that might have you leaning more towards renting a house vs. an apartment is privacy. The Urban Land Institute surveyed millennials asking why they chose to rent a single-family home as opposed to an apartment.
You're young enough that you likely have a lot of life changes coming your way and a house will hold you back. Also, rent is not wasting money. You get shelter and you have the flexibility to move much more easily if desired. Remember, rent is the most you'll pay that month, a mortgage is the least you'll pay. TonyMontana2000 • 1 hr. ago
Here are some warnings to look for before buying a house. 1) Exterior cracks and tilts. The inside can smell fresh from that wonderful floor varnish and paint, but the exterior could cost you a fortune if you don’t pay attention. Here’s an example of a Victorian house in San Francisco that was purchased for $1.45 million. It looks OK, right?
Advantages of renting: # Renting does not overburden one with EMI payments, house tax and other legal issues that are part and parcel of property ownership. # Renting generally gives a feeling of ...