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To audit the following user rights, enable the FullPrivilegeAuditing registry key. Bypass traverse checking; Debug programs; Create a token object; Replace process level token;
WALLIX Bastion PEDM. Combine Privileged Access Management with Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management for robust Least Privilege security with PASM + PEDM. Ensure both privileged accounts and user endpoints are secure with granular control over administrator permissions at the application and process level – without impacting productivity.
Use administrator accounts only when absolutely necessary. The security risk is much higher when operating these accounts, so use should be limited to sensitive tasks and where possible internally. Carry out a privilege audit across the estate or Active directory whichever is suitable.
Privilege Use / Sensitive Privilege Use No GPO check for audit success Collect events 4672, 4673, 4674 for privileges tracking such as the debug one Logon/Logoff / Special Logon No GPO check for...
It provides guidance on which IAM roles to grant to the auditing-related functional roles in your company for each scenarios. The examples in this topic are mainly targeted at security administrators, auditors, and employees who manage auditing tasks for an organization. To learn about audit logs for Google Cloud, see Cloud Audit Logs.