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Invite Angels into your life with Daily Angelic Messages. Angels need your permission to help you create positive changes in your life. By selecting a card, you are allowing your Angels to bring you guidance and love. Inspired by the Angels, I designed the Awaken with Angels Oracle Deck to give you loving messages from your Angels.
The Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards is a fun, beautiful New Age divination deck by Kyle Gray with art by Lily Moses.It’s a quintessential Hay House deck and one I’m really loving. These cards will pleasantly surprise you with resonant messages. Readings with Angels and Ancestors will bring clairvoyant images that leave you with a lasting imprint.
Angel Card Reading. Shuffle the cards as many times as you like: If you are right handed please pick using your left hand and vice versa. You have a maximum of three turns. Quiet your mind and think of your question, then pick a card:
Aug 31, 2012 · How to Do An Angel Card Reading~ In 7 Simple Steps 1. Ask Your Angels to Connect The best way to start off an angel card reading is by calling in your angels. To do this, take a moment to simply focus your awareness within. Quiet your mind, breathe and then think or say something like:
Inspirational Angel Card. Send the words of an angel. Make A Snow Angel! Send across this cute snow angel to your friend or loved one. Angel Love! Send across your love with this beautiful angel. Angelic Wish. Send your care and support through this angel card. Angels Among Us -