THC per Serving: 5.15mg - THC per Package: 103mg - CBD per Serving: 4.61mg - CBD per Package: 92.2mg Serving Size: 1 Drop - Servings per Package: 20 / Bliss Drops for Happiness. A euphoric blend of three plant medicines and cannabis to promote extroverted happiness. / A toolkit of experiences to help you do all the life stuff better. THC, CBD, plus highly functional plant medicines, all in a .... "/>
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Dec 31, 2020 · Recently, Ascend Wellness launched its new 1906 Drops, so while at Ascend Springfield on Horizon Drive, I got my hands on Continue reading → Posted in Edibles , Health , Misc , Product Reviews | Tagged 1906 Drops , 1906 Drops review , Ascend , Ascend Wellness Holdings , Bliss , cannabis tablets , Chill , Genius , Go , Love , Midnight ...
These edibles are different though. These 1906 Genius Drops felt refreshing overall. I wouldn’t say they really helped me focus particularly, I don’t think there was enough THC in
1906 drops. New to the market in Illinois. Its thc/cbd mixed with herbs or supplements typically found in “brain power pills” or kava for relaxing, etc... all depends which ones you buy. I think
All 1906 Chocolates use artisanal chocolate and have no trace of cannabis taste, due to a proprietary flavor masking process. Every 1906 product activates within 20 minutes using a patented technology that makes them the fastest-acting edibles in the world. 5mg THC/5mg CBD per chocolate. 3 chocolates per unit = 15mg THC/15mg CBD per unit